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We often receive calls or emails from a new buyer asking us what they should know about the differences of living in a big city and moving to and living in a small town/rural community. They all say they need to get out of the ‘rat race’, traffic, crowds and find a place where they will have more time for things they enjoy.

There are differences.  If you are looking in a rural area for a full-time home, a vacation home or wanting to purchase something now to use when you retire, those are things that need to factor into your decisions also.


There are areas that have city water, and areas where the property will have a well. We always recommend that a well be tested; not only for contaminants, sediment, and chemicals, but also for the amount of water the well pumps. Your water well pump is run on electricity.

Sewer Systems:

Rural property may not be hooked up to a city sewer system.  In cases like that, you will rely on a septic system that collects wastewater and sewage.  Testing will also need to be done to determine how many occupants the system can serve.  If you were going to build on to the home, you would also need to know the answer to the number of occupants the system could handle.


Electricity is generally run to the home unless you purchase a home that is off the grid. A power generator is something some residents rely on during bad storms when the electricity goes out.

Road Costs:

There are city roads and county roads maintained by the city and/or county.  There are also private roads.  One example of a private road would be one that leads from the county road up to your home and perhaps your neighbor’s homes.  In a case like that, you and your neighbors may share the cost of maintaining the road.

Trash Removal:

You may have to cart your trash cans down a long driveway or private road to the public road; gather and take your trash to the dump, or burn some of it.  Be sure you are clear which ways you will manage your trash.

There are so many advantages to living in this area of Northern California.  We want to make sure you understand and have the needed inspections done on the property you are considering.

We live in the rural areas near Nevada City and Penn Valley so we will be able to help you understand the benefits and the changes you will face when you purchase your new home here.  We are here to help.

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